National Siblings Day

Before going to bed last night, I noticed, my Instagram and Facebook page, slowly starting resemble a lot like people’s throwback Thursday posts. Only to realize that, its just Monday, and that it’s National Siblings Day presumably, in America. By the time I woke up, the trend had caught on in India and I could see toothy smiles all over social media. The bandwagoner that I am, I rummaged through a few old photo albums, to find this years NSD picture. For some reason, most of the pictures I found were that of my brother, prior to my birth. But, that’s material for a whole new post all together. Going back to social media, it makes me wonder, why we need the validation? Can I not love my brother, privately? If I don’t broadcast it on social media, does that love not exist? Will people question his existence, if I don’t pronounce to the world that I have the best sibling ever?

Going through people’s NSD posts on various social media platforms, something popped into my head. The love and respect that I have for my brother, is very similar to the feelings that I have for my closest friends. Old friendships, is something that a couple of girlfriends of mine and I have been talking a lot about. The importance of solid friendships. Friendships, where you’re not afraid, to lose that person just ‘cause you don’t see eye to eye. There’s a certain joy in disagreement. Something that we tend to have a lot with our siblings. The effortlessness of exchanges, the comfort with which you can ramble, the squabbles, the rants, the possessiveness. It all finds it’s way back to unconditional love for one another.

Like any sibling relationship, friendships too see their own quota of drama. When you look back years later, you realize those little arguments that were so important and life altering is what made this bond so strong. My brother is barely two years older to me. We fought a lot as kids. Like any younger sibling, I idolized him and wanted to do everything that he was into. Even though, I hated the kind of music he liked, the movies he wanted to see and the fact that he was a brother and not a sister, I still wanted to be just like him. There’s very little he could do about the latter, but still. Occasionally I found myself wishing I had a sister to share things with. Growing up with a brother and all boy cousins was a little rough at times, especially when, they played pretend WWF.

I found solace in my girlfriends. Who have in their own way, also, caused a lot of grief and agony. It was at times like those, that I realized, brothers are simpler beings, they tell you exactly how it is and tend to get over things a lot faster. Having studied at an all girls’ school, I learnt how to be empathetic and kind to other women. That is why till today, our friendships are devoid of pettiness and we all possess the ability to accept the uniqueness of each other.

Some friendships that I have stuck on in the twenty-nine years of my life have now evolved to a bond of sisterhood. Therefore, I would like to toast, not only my brother, but also the amazing women in my life whom I am proud to call my sisters. One doesn’t need to share the same biological DNA to feel unconditional love for one another.

So, cheers to all my friends who became, sisters!


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